Melissa’s Story

Melissa's experience of hormone changes at menopause initiated deep healing of childhood trauma.

No-one knew what was happening to me

My story started 14 years ago when I was 35 years old.
I started to have panic attacks, I went to several doctors and no one knew what was happening to me! 
Looking back, I now know, it was the start of my hormonal change. 
I have had all of the listed symptoms of peri menopause throughout these 14 years.
It was the hormonal upheaval that started my healing from my childhood abuse. 
Keep in mind that the abuse I suffered was repressed by me and only started to surface with my panic attack at age 35. 
I feel deeply grateful that the hormonal shift allowed the memories and feelings to surface, for with out that, my life would not have been as healed and whole, as it is today.  
I have healed on such a deep level that, any symptoms I have now, quickly subside when I work on the underlying emotional pain. 
I am grateful and feel blessed that my peri menopause brought about healing from childhood trauma. 

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