Jett’s story

Jett Horszowski practices acupuncture and teaches Yoga and Pilates in Dublin. She's a former neighbour of mine and always says it like it is - here's her story...

Myriad distressing symptoms

Out of the blue last October 2013, I was slapped over the head with a myriad of really distressing symptoms.

I was very subdued even depressed some days (a new symptom for me), my libido went downhill, my taste buds and appetite declined, weight however increased!!!!

Wired, I woke up at 3am for a solid week and stayed awake until 5.30am. Exhausted from sleep deprivation, depression and the slightest physical exertion, I cancelled the annual yoga retreats that I run and contemplated bankruptcy.

Panic ridden, I felt that I could not teach or inspire or advise any of my students or clients feeling the way I did. I honestly thought that I would have to close my studio and clinic doors.

I dragged myself into my acupuncture clinic and battled through trying to make my Yoga and Pilates classes upbeat, however my students and clients noticed something was amiss.  I started chatting to everyone about what I was going through - a humbling and worthwhile journey. I was determined to resolve this situation positively.

A diagnosis - perimenopause!

Finally, within 2 weeks of my erratic mood swings, I had a diagnosis. Perimenopause!!!! I was horrified beyond words. I am a dedicated Yogini, who eats incredibly well and meditates everyday. I was furious…I called my mom and gave out to her for not warning me of this ‘other’ thing.  I could not look at men without wanting to ‘deman’ them. I felt betrayed by my belief system and was royally pissed off.

I burst out crying in front of my soul mate, Mike and daughter Kara and told them that I was in crisis. They burst out laughing… I was so dramatic and distraught that they both thought I was joking. They held me and promised to support me.

A plan of action - information, supplements ....HYT

For the next 2 weeks, I dug and scraped for strength and focus and engulfed any information on peri and menopause.  Hot flash havoc dvd, menopausal websites, (including My Second Spring), forums, articles and Dr Christiane Northrup’s book ‘Wisdom of the Menopause’ became my bible.  A client gifted it to me.

I started taking a variety of supplements and experimented with some botanical herbs and magnesium and eventually, I got the combo right.

I continued research with renewed energy, I was sleeping better and my physical and mental energy was improving.  Then I came across HTY– Hormone Therapy Yoga developed by Dinah Rodrigues. Amazed at the claims that this system of yoga could all but make the symptoms of menopause disappear (even reverse the ageing process and improve fertility), I delved deeper.  

Dinah Rodrigues and HYT

Very sceptical, I cross referenced Dinah Rodrigues and her credentials and satisfied enough….enrolled into a very pricey, teachers course including 3 tough exams in Mallorca, with the founder herself.

Still sceptical but open to change, I arrived to the German run retreat on the 2 June 2014.  In she walked.  Stunning, slim and impish.  60 ish?  But no…awe, shock, horror….the woman is 87!!!

We were taught the technique in a disciplined old school style and after doing HTY for a full week, I (and the other yoga teachers) felt a definite shift.  A further 2 weeks later and I feel young and super energised.  Now 6 weeks later my weight has gone back to normal, my mood is constant, my pelvic floor is toned, and my focus is sharp. I simply feel great.

I am not one to embellish.  I am an honest person and have a good reputation as such.  I urge you, if you are in a position of need, as a result of hormone imbalance, do something about it! 

Dinah Rodrigues, now a very young 87yr old, developed HTY (Hormone therapy Yoga) 24 years ago.  She was asked by a doctor in Brazil to develop a system of yoga to combat hormonal fluctuations and their ensuing symptoms such as: depression, PMT, weight gain, fertility issues, PSOS, fatigue and menopausal symptoms. All of these symptoms can all be minimised through regular practice of this form of Yoga.

What is HYT?

It is a natural treatment that works with the physical and energetic bodies, using a set series of special yoga asana, breath work and concentration exercises to reactivate hormone production and, as a consequence, eliminates most of the above symptoms.  Because Yoga Therapy increases the body’s output of estradiol (an important form of oestrogen), it also helps in the prevention of osteoporosis, cardio-vascular diseases and prevents premature ageing. 
It also brings about vitality, good health and a positive outlook on life, without having to take any medication.  A must for any woman.

I, Jett have just returned from a teacher-training course with Dinah Rodrigues in Mallorca and am very excited to bring this programme to Ireland. I am the first certified HYT (Hormone Therapy Yoga) teacher here.  

Dinah is regarded as a miracle worker in Brazil and has lectured and taught this schedule throughout the world with incredible results over the last 24 years.  It is beyond me how this has escaped Ireland - until now! 

Learn the sequence and take 30 mins per day to rebalance your hormones and become inwardly calm. Join me to learn how to do so…

For further information visit or call Jett 087 9092400 or

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