Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng is a thorny plant which grows wild in the far east of Russia. It is an old medicinal plant with a myriad of applications. These Siberian Ginseng tablets are suitable for the whole family and are free from live yeast.


This supplement was recommended to me by my swimmiing instructor. He suggested that it would give me more energy. I then read up about it and found that it is a well known supplement used during menopause to help with hot flushes as well as fatigue..

There are quite a few different Ginsengs varieties out there: in Ayruveda it's caled Ashwagandha, there is also Asian ginseng (Panex ginseng) and Korean red ginseng (heated Panax ginseng) other ginsengs include neem, licorice and rhodiola. You should discuss which one is best for you with a registered nutritionist. As with all supplements, not matter how natural, discuss with your GP - especially if you are taking other medication.

I have taken 1 a day for 8 months. I find that if I forget to take it for a day or 2 I feel lethargic again and wonder why.


I will keep taking ginseng for another 6 months and then consider whether I still need this energy and hormone support.

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