Adrenal Support

This product contains vitamin B5, which helps your stress-hormone-producing adrenal glands. The hormone cortisol, produced by your adrenals, helps give you energy and keep you motivated. If its too high you will have racing heart and inability to relax. If its too low, you will feel exhausted and possibly unmotivated. Siberian ginseng is used to help gently balance the action of the adrenal glands, boosting them if they are low, reducing if they are too high. The iodine and selenium are important for thyroid function. If your thyroid is underactive, as is very common in Ireland, you may suffer from dry skin, coarsening hair, thinning hair or fatigue. If your adrenals are struggling or you don’t have enough thyroid nutrients in your diet your thyroid will struggle. Interestingly, iodine is also needed for keeping your breasts normal. Iodine deficiency is associated with hormonal cancers of the breast, ovaries and womb. This is important because its essential for helping your body clear used-up female hormones. Most women do not have adequate iodine levels. Refined diets deplete many nutrients needed by your adrenal and thyroid glands. Iodine is found in sea vegetables such as nori.


Adrenal support contains a combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutrients and plant extracts that may help support healthy adrenal function especially during stressful periods. This includes optimum levels of beneficial Food State pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), licorice, ginseng and iodine.


I have recently started to take this supplement instead of Siberian Ginseng as it contains Ginseng (albeit in lesser quantity) as well as Selenium, chromium, Kelp and other ingredients.

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