TV3 Midday Show

TV3 Midday Show

by Sybil Mulcahy

Fri, October 18, 2013

My Second Spring was launched on 16 October to mark World Menopause Day 2013. TV3's Midday Show featured the an interview with Aisling Grimley as their way of marking World Menopause Day. The interview was carried out by Sybil Mulcahy at an outside broadcast in Fire Restaurant, Dawson Street Dublin and aired on the same day - 17 October. The interview was very well received and resulted in a large number of women visiting the website and contacting us through Facebook and Twitter. Having worked away quietly building the website over the previous months it was very thrilling to connect with women who clearly see the need for this resource to support and entertain them during menopause.

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Perimenopause becomes most evident when we are around age 48 or 49.
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