Nutrition No-Brainers - 6 Easy Steps for Good Nutrition at Menopause

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Aisling Grimley.

Want to supercharge your mood, sleep and energy at menopause? It's easier than you think.....

Good nutrition can help minimise symptoms of menopause

Good nutrition can help minimise symptoms of menopause

Good nutrition is essential at menopause to help balance hormones, manage weight and minimise symptoms. Many of us are nutritionally deficient at midlife despite eating well because our lives are busy and often stressful. It may be necessary to consult a nutritionist and and/or take a supplement like Cleanmarine MenoMin which is formulated to help manage symptoms of menopause.

1. Eat protein with every meal

You’ll feel fuller for longer. Here’s a sample of my ideal day:

I usually have a few sneaky in betweeners like a cappuccino and a couple of squares of Lindt Orange Intense mid-morning or a sneaky bakewell tart.

2. Don’t ever skip a meal.

It’s a false economy as very often you spend the rest of the day ‘making it up’ to yourself. Regular eating helps regulate blood sugars and maintain hormone balance.

3. Start the day with a large glass of lemon water.

I (or really my husband) pour out a pint of water and add a good squeeze of lemon – about a quarter of a lemon and leave it to sit on the bedside table. First thing down your pint to kick start your metabolism, digestive system and give your liver a wake-up. They say it’s good to drink lemon water half an hour before breakfast - it’s essential that the water is in my bedroom. As soon as I hit the kitchen I’ll be eating within half an hour. Keep drinking water throughout the day.


4. Avoid caffeine after 1pm

Stay away from drinks like coffee, tea, green tea, red bull - after 1pm. Drink herbal teas during the afternoon and calming chamomile tea before bed and avoid stimulating teas like green tea or peppermint. This is especially important if you’re having trouble sleeping.


5. Deal with energy slumps

e.g the 4pm crash with a handful, (about 8 not the whole packet, no!) of almonds.


6. Consult a nutritionist

if you are feeling tired or below par. You could easily be deficient in some nutrients, many of us are at midlife. I take MenoMin for a balance of Omega 3, Vit Bs and Vit D3. I also take magnesium before bed – it’s nature’s tranquiliser.

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