Move It! A talk with Audrey Redmond

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Aisling Grimley.

Does your exercise routine need a bit of revving up or in fact, starting up? Please join us on Sunday 18th October at 3pm at the Merrion Hotel for the first talk in the Autumn season of Meet The Experts with My Second Spring. The inspirational and very practical Audrey Redmond, physiotherapist will get us to Move It! in a wise and accesible way.

Move It! with Audrey

Move It! with Audrey

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You must be very happy with the event. Great bunch of women and really good talks from Audrey and Noeleen. Audrey made me want to get up and go for a run in the middle of the talk!

Audrey was brilliant! Being a physio myself I agreed with every word she said. I believe that a physio like her with an holistic approach to body, mind and spirit, can really change people’s health and wellbeing by advising and inspiring.

Thanks a million for arranging 'Move It' yesterday. ​What hit me between the eyes was when Audrey said that we would need to change something on the exercise front that is different to what we are currently doing, if we want change to happen. It sounds so obvious doesn't it? The other thing that struck me was we need to be honest with ourselves and answer WHY do we want to change anyway? Preventing further pain in my joints now and as I get older is my main motivating factor. However, this very pain was holding me back. When I was younger I loved sports for fun. So it would be a bonus if it was fun. As things improve, I probably would love to join a tennis club for the competitive and social fun aspect of a sport rather than see it as a chore.

Thanks a million for a very interesting afternoon. Feeling motivated now and might even go for a run in the morning! Very generous goody bag too, thanks.

After yesterday's talks, I realise that I must combine the yoga daily with a significant increase in aerobic activity which will be either walking, cycling daily and park-run weekly. All great plans in my head, so hopefully mind over matter from now on!

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