Jill Kerby on finances at midlife

Article by
Aisling Grimley.

Jill Kerby, financial journalist and radio contributor, gave a very informative and slightly scary view of how our finances should be organised by the time we hit our 50s!

Jill Kerby

Jill Kerby

Jill discussed how to achieve Financial Independence by your Retirement: the importance of not making any more financial mistakes (by our 50s we are starting to run out of time to correct them) - like spending more than we earn, ‘heart attack’ investing, continuing to support adult children, not doing proper succession planning and finally, having no plan for long term retirement/care.



Brilliant talk tons of information to mull over.

Jill is a brilliant speaker, she was so generous with her time and information. I got a lot of very practical and useful information.

I need to visit my bank, find a health insurance broker, review my life assurance and reevaluate my pension. Lots to do. Thank you Jill for all the warnings.

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