How’s your Mojo? A talk with Emily Power Smith

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Aisling Grimley.

Meet the Experts with My Second Spring is delighted to have Emily Power Smith, sexologist back by popular demand. Read on to hear what people said about her last talk.

Emily Power Smith

Emily Power Smith

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Please join us for another evening with Emily Power Smith, sexologist at the Merrion Hotel where we will discuss how to keep your spark alive or indeed create new spark and crackle at midlife! Emily will discuss the issues facing women and their sex lives at midlife. Her style is straight and her thinking is very clear, she's open-minded and fun. Emily is the most qualified person in the field of sexology in Ireland - brilliant for us that she's also a woman in her mid-40s. The atmosphere and feedback from our last event with Emily was electric - I hope we'll see you on 6th November 2015.



I attended the previous session with Emily Power Smith as organised by My Second Spring and found it to be a positive and affirming experience. It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet with other women of a similar age group to share experiences and ideas and to have genuine conversations about how to remain healthy and happy in a truly holistic way in our lives. Thanks to My Second Spring for arranging these series of informative and positive sessions for women.

"Hi Aisling Thank you for organising the night. It certainly beat another Friday night in front of The Late Late hands down for entertainment and information!! I originally attended in a professional capacity as I work in the area of Women's Health but ended up learning so much for my own personal benefit, not to mention my husband's!"

"Bravo! Great night, Well done."

"Fascinating evening!! Well done for arranging such a great event, I'm inspired."

"Aisling, last night certainly was a night with a difference!! So interesting, informative and entertaining.....I really enjoyed it."

"Thanks for a great night - it was great fun and inspiring!"

"Thanks a million for last night. As a rather conservative person by nature, this was a refreshing and informative talk and I need time to think about it as it was very challenging to my belief system!"

"Hi Aisling, thanks for a great night, so interesting and relaxed with a great group of people. Thanks so much, and thank you for my great raffle prize"

"Thanks a million for last night, it was fantastic. Really enjoyable and you both spoke brilliantly. Emily is quite a character and force of nature. Just brilliant!"

"Congratulations on a great night on Friday. It was just fantastic and so important. Isn't it funny - I know you could have filled the RDS with interested people - a work in progress. It was lovely to be a part of such a relaxed atmosphere throughout the evening. It will be so nice over the years to see how through your work that women benefit. I look forward to promoting it in my clinic."

"Thank you so much Aishling. You did such a great job and I thought your choice of venue was perfect. What a gorgeous bunch of women! I was really taken by how out of date and incorrect the stereotypical images of menopausal and middle aged women are. I thought we could have ignited Dublin with our collective hotness! Time to stand up and be seen I say!"

"Just a quick note to thank you so much for organizing our talk with Emily Power, It was fantastic, and really got one thinking there after!! We all enjoyed it, it was very informative indeed. Looking forward to your next interesting invite for us wonderful Menopausal Women."

"I just wanted to congratulate you on organising such a great talk. I loved how you met everyone and introduced yourself, it mad me feel welcomed and very at ease. I would really love to attend more talks and hope that you could keep the same format of having a small intimate group but maybe for a longer time as I think people were only beginning to relax enough to start contributing. To prove the success of last nights event, G and I have been friends for 32 years and today was the very first time we talked about sex and what it's like for us. Congratulations and well done again."

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