Perimenopause Unplugged - The Roadshow

Article by
Catherine O'Keeffe.

On my own Perimenopause Journey, I have witnessed first hand how difficult it can be to decipher all the information that is available whether it is from well-meaning friends, Dr. Google or books. It is a minefield. When I began working as a Perimenopause Coach and working with women in this chapter of their lives my goal was and still is to empower and educate women on how to navigate what can sometimes be stormy seas.

Navigate the Perimenopause Journey with confidence and ease

Navigate the Perimenopause Journey with confidence and ease

Evolved from this is a series of talks that I am doing across Ireland and I have been thrilled so far by the reception to these evenings. I am increasingly aware of how much we as women need to have these conversations, not enough information is readily and easily available for women to take the power into their own hands and make informed decisions and know that they have choices. The talks vary in each location but the end goal is the same -  to empower women to experience vitality through this period in their lives and know they can develop their own strategies for how best to manage the symptoms and challenges that may arise.

Knowledge is power - my aim is to share everything I have learned with as many women as possible so they can enjoy this chapter and instead of fearing it, embrace it and feel empowered.

Some feedback from prior events:

'Excellent & informative Talk'  'Every bit of it, such a very organized and informative night so glad I heard about it' 

'It's great to get talking about Menopause'  'Great flow to the talk, very informative and nice to see people laughing'  'Down to earth, very informative'

'Great to now look forward to Menopause !'  'It's great to know that I am not mad but am in Perimenopause !'

Upcoming Talks

Celbridge Manor Hotel, Co Kildare on March 28th click here for tickets

Ambassador Hotel, Cork on April 4th click here for tickets 

Radisson St Helens, Dublin on May 2nd click here for tickets 

Butler House Hotel, Kilkenny on May 9th click here for tickets

SCCUL Sanctuary, Galway on May 23rd 

Dates for Waterford will be released soon.

Catherine O'Keeffe, aka, is Ireland's first perimenopause coach, and when she's not writing super-informative articles for My Second Spring, she helps women deal with troublesome symptoms of perimenopause and menopause through practical lifestyle and wellness plans. If you are struggling with symptoms, find out more on her website 

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Thanks Girls another great book ! Well done My Second Spring, the advice is practical, down to earth and I’m already working on my toolkit. Thank you so much

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