Women become more powerful after menopause!

Aisling Grimley.

I'm going to be on Today with Sean O'Rourke this Thursday 12th March after 11am! My fellow guest is Jill Shaw Ruddock, author and founder of the Second Half Foundation.

Jill Shaw Ruddock

Jill Shaw Ruddock

In preparation for the Sean O'Rourke show I'm rapidly reading Jill Shaw Ruddock's book The Second Half of Your Life. It's right up my street and very inspirational with headings like Ageing is not a matter of luck; Creating and seizing opportunities; Find the best routine for you; Firing up your brain cells... Jill Shaw Ruddock has developed our new ‘five-a-day’ formula which she believes is necessary for healthy ageing:

1. Staying connected to family and friends

2. Cultivating a passion

3. Finding a purpose greater than yourself

4. Exercising almost every day

5. Eating well.

The book is reviewed by Margaret Jennings in today's Irish Examiner.


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