Vichy Tour: Next Stop The G Hotel, Galway

Aisling Grimley.

Another buzzing event for the launch of Vichy's new Neovadiol Compensating Complex, this time we're with the fabulous women of Galway.

One lucky winner took home a fabulous Vichy Hamper.

One lucky winner took home a fabulous Vichy Hamper.

Menopause on the agenda

The G Hotel in Galway was the fourth stop on our recent Irish Vichy Neovadiol roadshow. A very dynamic group of Dermo Advisors gathered at 6pm, mostly after a long day's work in pharmacies. They are passionately committed to the work that they do advising people in pharmacies on the best products for their skincare needs. This particular session involved training regarding the features of the new formulation of Vichy's Neovadiol Compensating Complex, designed for menopause. As part of wider education I was invited to talk about menopause. For most women in the room this was their first in-depth consideration of menopause/'the change'. I was delighted to be invited by Vichy to share the expertise that I've gained over the 2 years of My Second Spring and the feedback that I receive everyday of the week from Second Springers about their experiences of menopause and its symptoms.

Feeling less daunted and scared about menopause

After the formal presentations by myself and Laura Murphy of Vichy's Training Dept we have a very useful Question and Answer session. One comment that keeps coming up is that women are relieved to have had this conversation and they now feel less daunted and scared by the menopause. For older women in the room I heard time and again how glad they were to feel 'normal' when I described common symptoms, and my own experience, of perimenopause. I find these comments so touching and it reinforces how important it is that we have this more open approach to menopause. There are still an awful lot of women suffering in silence and feeling confused and isolated.

Assume Nothing!

A point that I made which appealed to a lot of Dermo Advisors was to Assume Nothing! about us Second Springers in terms of age and skin symptoms because they vary greatly from woman to woman. The age that we experience menopause and perimenopause is a lot younger than many of us expect. Menopause takes place on average at 51years of age in Ireland and many of our symptoms take place during perimenopause - 4-8 years before our periods finally stop completely. Symptoms vary greatly with some women experiencing nothing at all - about 25% - and others feeling like they have all 34 symptoms at one time. Skin changes and symptoms are also very individual, I've heard all of the following and more from Second Springers about their skin:

If you'd like to know more about skin changes at menopause and solutions for them, visit our lifestyle page and read Daria Sochacka on Skincare and Anna Collins on Nutrition. Or visit where you can read tips on Make-up, Skin Care and Nutrition on their Ideal Skin Blog.

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