TV3 visits My Second Spring!

Aisling Grimley.

Second Springers gathered to put forward their views on menopause for a new series on Ireland AM which begins next Tuesday 3rd May. We had some brilliant conversation and I think we all learned a lot from each other.

Perimenopause becomes most evident when we are around age 48 or 49.

Perimenopause becomes most evident when we are around age 48 or 49.

What a brilliant session we had on menopause today - so many great insights, huge honesty, lots of laughter and some tears. A massive thank you to Estelle Birdy, Vandra Dyke, Brenda O'Connell, Marie Phelan, Flora McKnight, Fiona Hedigan, Karin Stierle, Aoibheann Sweeney for coming along and braving the cameras. It was lovely to meet some new Second Springers and welcome the stalwarts.

We covered a lot of ground: feeling legitimately frustrated, reclaiming the word menopause, menopause as a negative and a positive time, personal growth, sex and menopause - the need for more time and more lubrication, what we knew about menopause as we approached it, the reality versus expectations and what advice we'd offer others. 

The women around the table had a variety of experiences of menopause - early menopause, menopause brought on by a multiple birth, menopause as a result of cancer treatment, 10 years of perimenopause, using HRT unsuccessfully, osteoporosis, help from aromatherapy, reflexology, acupuncture. Unfortunately all this chat won't make the cut - we were here for 5 hours! I'm sure they will have some great content from this articulate and gutsy group of women.

As well as the round table chat we each did a 'confessional' piece - we took it in turns to speak directly to the camera in the sitting room. That was a bit daunting, it's hard to act 'normal' when you've a camera pointing at you. These shots will probably be used as a vox pop to promote the series.

Sinead Desmond was a thoughtful and interested interviewer and brought out great conversation and commentary. Katriona and Gary from TV3 assimilated the situation and moved cameras, mikes and props seamlessly around us.

Can't wait to see it all on Ireland AM next week. TV3's 5-part menopause series starts on Tuesday 3rd May - tune-in and be wowed by the women's honesty and wisdom!

Very tired but very happy this evening. This menopause lark really can take you on some journey...

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