Getting a good nights sleep

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Catherine O'Keeffe.

Once you understand the reasons for an interrupted sleep ( see last post) you can start to make a plan to tackle it.

Top tips for good sleep habits at menopause

Top tips for good sleep habits at menopause

How can I sleep better at perimenopause? Once you investigate and understand possible causes for your insomnia make a plan to tackle it, firstly sleep hygiene:

Tips for managing night sweats & hot flushes

Don't underestimate the power of cortisol and the importance of good sleep hygiene here.

If you need help with perimenopause or menopause symptoms, Catherine provides a full coaching service ( to help women who are finding hormonal change challenging. It includes a lifestyle audit,  a practical plan for movement/exercise, sleep, meditation and relaxation that works with your life. It includes nutrition for weight management and energy and recommendations for supplements.

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