Is The Universe Working With You?

Article by
Aisling Grimley.

I feel the Universe is working with me. I believe coincidences happen. Think about that word and what it means - to co-incide. In other words, it’s not just chance. We are all connected to each other. The people that we come across during any day or week are potentially part of our chain.

If you look at the world this way fantastic things can happen.  

Allow me illustrate with the amazing day I had a few months ago. I sat down briefly in the Camden Court Hotel lobby after my swim. I had to send a text and there had been no coverage in the basement. The lobby was empty and I chose a seat by the window. A few minutes later a woman came along and was circling, she asked could she sit opposite me - at the same table. I was surprised at her request as there were plenty of empty seats, but then I noticed a socket on the wall nearby she needed it for her laptop. No problem, I was only perching.  

We started to talk and she told me she was a journalist, I explained that I was hoping to start to start a menopause website and needed to sharpen up and learn to write. Within minutes she was sharing great contacts and giving me huge encouragement and lots of really useful information. She then introduced herself as Beibhinn Byrne. You may know her as a regular panelist on TV3’s Midday show. She is an expert in women’s health and runs the SuperNatural food coop in St Andrew’s on Pearse St. She thought a menopause website was a great idea – a vital endorsement for me that moment. I’m not sure who sent her to me but she is an angel. 

On that same day I had arranged to meet Julie Owens in Restore Health Food shop on Camden Street to run my notion by her and discuss potential products for the menopause. She is another angel. Again she was full of encouragement and had tons of contacts to share. She has a huge knowledge of natural health and ways to encourage and maintain it. She gave me a present of a book called a Positive Journey through the Menopause by Cathy Doyle and sent me on my way.

I was so happy I could have cried - maybe that’s the hormones you say!  But I have always loved Camden St. My mantra is: ‘if you can’t get it on Camden St. you probably don’t need it.’ There was a time when it even had a garden centre, which I really miss.

I know this was not a typical day but these days can and do occur more often than you could hope for, if you are open to them. In fact I had a lot of similar experiences while developing the website - The Universe kept pushing me along! I really notice that people respond when you show that you are interested, smile and share a story or some banter. If you smile at people, they will smile back.

Please share a story to show how you feel The Universe is working with or against you!

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