The Plank - 6 benefits at menopause

Aisling Grimley.

My summer discovery has been doing The Plank for 1 minute every day. Encouraged by my pilates teacher Karita Saar Cullen who is a chartered physiotherapist I've made the daily plank as essential as brushing my teeth.

Recently on the blog - drop everything and do your plank now!

Recently on the blog - drop everything and do your plank now!

How to do The Plank:

The brilliant thing about this exercise is that it takes very little time, no gym equipment and you can do it anywhere. The Plank is a whole body exercise that will strengthen your core and help to protect your spine. Karita's advice is to make it as routine as brushing your teeth.

6 key benefits of doing a daily The Plank

If you suffer from backache or have other health issues make sure to consult your doctor or physiotherapist before you get started. As always listen to your body, if it feels wrong it probably is...

What do you think?

Are you doing the plank? Do you have any other fabulous and easy exercises to suggest. Please comment - not too many critiques of my plank photo please.

If you start now, let us know how you get on.

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