The Hormone House of Hell?

Anna Mooney.

Teen girls and perimenopausal mothers can make for a houseful of raging hormones.

With later motherhood an upward trend in Ireland*, chances are if you have baby girls in your 30s, your perimenopause or menopause is going to collide with the surging hormones of your daughters as they hit puberty.

And that is one volatile cocktail – your hot flushes, her cold shoulders; your soaring anxiety levels, her sullen sulks. You worry about your own limp libido and whether she is sexting; you are up all night with night sweats and insomnia, she’s up all night on Snapchat.

If that sounds like you, then you’ll enjoy Annabel’s Abb’s honest account of her hormonal household Down Under in the Sydney Morning Herald….

You're in Peri-menopause

“As I sat weeping with exhaustion recently, a well-informed friend asked me a few personal questions: about my age, my sleep patterns, my moodiness.

"I sleep less now than when I had four toddlers," I moaned, between sobs. "My kids go to bed later and later, and then I wake up all the time, half-boiled in a bed that's morphed into a sauna. And then it's morning mayhem and I'm just sooo tired."

"You're in the peri-menopause," she said briskly. She cast her eyes round my kitchen and then delivered her final, damning verdict. "You and three teenage daughters ... this must be the hormonal house of hell."

I looked at her blankly. "The what?"


Read the rest and see if you recognise anyone! My House of Hormonal Hell

* The HSE's Perinatal Statistic Report for 2013: the average age of an Irish woman giving birth is 32.1 years

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