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Aisling Grimley.

My Second Spring is addressing groups of women on the concepts of menopause and a second spring, in partnership with Vichy for their launch of Neovadiol Compensating Complex

Dermo Advisors and guests gathered to share experiences of menopause and learn about Neovadiol

Dermo Advisors and guests gathered to share experiences of menopause and learn about Neovadiol

Talk to your mother, if you can

Last Wednesday My Second Spring had the pleasure of speaking to Vichy's Dermo Advisors (the people who advise customers in pharmacies on suitable skincare) in The Spencer Hotel in Dublin. Looking at a roomful of women, from 20 to 70 ( and a few men, too), it struck me, not for the first time, how unusual it is for a group of women to be gathered to discuss the menopause.  This was a first for many of the women in the room.  The Dermo Advisors had been invited to come along and bring a relative or friend, the idea being to have a wide ranging discussion about menopause. The menopuase age and experience of your mother is one of the best indicators of the age at which you might experience menopause, and the symptoms you may have. So make sure to ask - these women are an untapped well of wisdom about "the change'.

Inspirational women role models

It can feel a bit daunting for me at times to see women who have gone through the menopause in the audience – I’m wondering will they agree with my positive attitude to menopause and the notion of it being a second spring.  So I was delighted when a very dynamic looking woman came to chat after the presentation on Wednesday to say she was well and truly through menopause and agreed with everything I’d said. She shared another perspective with me, which is just how much can be going on in women’s lives at midlife - separation/divorce, empty nest syndrome or bereavement. The Change can, therefore, be multifaceted. 

Make sure to find joy every day

She went on to tell me her remarkable story of finding herself suddenly, at 50,  the sole provider for her 4 daughters. She re-trained in the area of computers and joined a large multi-national software company.  Three decades ago, this achievement was frontier stuff. It sounds like she made a great career for herself, finishing in a senior position which involved travelling the world with her job. Talk about rising to the challenge. What a brilliant role model and inspirational woman.  The other point that she reiterated was the importance of doing things that make you happy every single day - possibly something as simple as listening to the birds sing in your garden or a park. Menopause is a time to tune into our inner being and make plans to live in an enjoyable and purposeful way in the second half of life.

Feeling less daunted by menopause

As with our first presentation in Belfast, there were some great comments and questions, with many women wondering what were the most suitable alternative ways to treat symptoms for those not interested in hormone treatment. Other questions centred around psychological symptoms of menopause and how to deal with them. Many comments related to the relief of having this conversation and feeling ‘normal’ and less scared and daunted by menopause.

I’m looking forward to meeting more Dermo Advisors in Cork and Galway next week. Will keep you posted about the interesting stories I encounter on my travels! Read about our first stop in Belfast here. If you'd like to read some more Women's Stories have a browse, you might find some common ground with others.

Neovadiol Compensating Complex by Vichy

Neovadiol Compensating Complex is developed by Vichy for use by women at menopause. There are 3 products as follows:

Day Cream: Neovadiol Compensating Complex Advanced replenshing care which costs €32.50 for a 50ml pot, choose one for either dry or combination skin.

Night Cream: Neovadiol Nuit, night cream, €34 for 50mls.

Serum: €36 for the 30ml Serum which is used before the day and the night creams and means you use less moisturiser.

I've been using all three for the past 6 weeks and find my skin is nice and moist and soft, I also like the glow that the products give. The Night cream has some cooling properties which help manage heat associated with night sweats - I'm having a few of these at the moment.

Skin Symptoms at Menopause and

Many women find that their skin changes at midlife. Second Springers tell stories of a wide variety of different symptoms: Dryness, Sensitivity, Acne, Rosacea and Large Pores seem to be the most common complaints. Then again lots of women notice no changes at all. Good nutrition including lots of green vegetables and some oily fish, possibly supplementing Vitamin C, getting plenty of sleep and avoiding stress and pollution, where possible, are great solutions for many women.

Please let us know if you are having any tricky skin symptoms or have found any magic solutions, we always love to hear your tips and stories. You'll also find lots of information and support on the vichy website regarding make-up, skincare and nutrition. Check out their Ideal Skin Blog.

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