Reverse Type 2 Diabetes? It’s a real possibility

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Menopause, with its associated symptoms, can be a risk factor for developing Type 2 Diabetes. But menopause is also a time when undiagnosed pre Type 2 Diabetes can appear, as women tend to have more health screenings around this age. Each can exacerbate the other's symptoms, so it can be a very tricky time. Knowledge is power, though, and reversal is a real possibility, as health coach Siobhan Dee outlines.....,

The compelling link

Women seem to be diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or pre-Diabetes in the same time frame as they reach menopause, which has prompted many clinical studies to explore the possibility of a link between the two.

While some of the results appear contradictory, the general consensus seems to be that there is no increased risk for those who have their menopause at ‘normal age’. However for those of us that have an premature or early menopause we are at a much greater risk, up to double and for those that have a late menopause it’s been suggested that for every year delay there is a further 4% decreased risk. 

But despite the fact that there appears to be no increased risk for the majority of women going through menopause this is the time when most tend to be diagnosed. And, tellingly, many menopausal symptoms can exacerbate or be exacerbated by, pre-Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes. 

Creeping symptoms

When a woman hits menopause, she'll probably have a blood test at her doctor's appointment. Doctors will be keen to rule out Type 2 Diabetes as many symptoms of menopause (fatigue, low mood, low libido, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, carb cravings, sweating, brain fog, irritability) are shared by Type 2 Diabetes. Both are hormone driven, both are gradual onset and often accompanied by feelings of “what’s happening to me, am I going mad?”.

Some women can be delivered a double diagnosis: menopause and type 2 diabetes. And without doubt, having Type 2 Diabetes can make the menopausal journey much more challenging. So it is often the point at which women feel motivated to change their lives for the better. And the really good news is that some lifestyle and dietary changes can reverse your diabetes, radically decrease menopause symptoms and be your healthiest in years.  

So where to start? It can be daunting, and often your Doctor, competent as they are, may not have the time to look in detail at all the lifestyle factors that might be affecting your health and make detailed recommendations. 

That's where a coaching programme comes in. It maps out very specific steps over a defined time frame and supports you towards success. 

Embracing an anti-Diabetes lifestyle

There are so many variables that can feed into the diabetes/menopause link. Medical history is very significant, how much alcohol you consume, smoking, weight around the tummy area, stress, sleep, exercise. It’s really the time to take note of all of these and to take a good look at our health. An anti-diabetes lifestyle will make such a difference to you and given the fact that T2 generally takes up to ten years before you are diagnosed it makes perfect sense to be conscious of your blood sugars and how you live your life. 

The majority of people with T2 tend to store their fat around their middle (apple shape) though some people hide it inside and can, in fact, be fat on the inside and thin on the outside. They have a history of eating a lot of carbohydrate-based foods and drinks, generally do not meet the recommended exercise routines and have experienced a lot of stress in their lives. Some will also have had gestational diabetes. In my experience, most people fit all of the above but some only fit into one category, particularly for those that have a genetic predisposition. However, it’s important to note that even if you do have a ‘diabetes gene’ this is one of the many genes you can ‘switch off’. Your lifestyle really pulls the trigger on lifestyle disease regardless of genetics. But equally, lifestyle modification can create a dramatic impact. 

Chronic "lifestyle" illness is preventable: About Siobhan Dee

Siobhan has a long and varied background in healthcare. A graduate nurse, she was a senior manager in the pharmaceutical industry and is a qualified lifestyle and nutrition coach and yoga teacher. Siobhan’s specialism in Diabetes comes from a personal interest - her sister was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 11.  An early advocate of preventative medicine based on healthy lifestyle changes, she agrees with leading global health organizations that 80% of chronic "lifestyle" illness is preventable. She left the pharma industry, where medication is regarded as the first line of defence, to develop a health and lifestyle programme to help Type 2 Diabetes or pre-Diabetes patients reverse their disease. Her approach, which advocates lifestyle modifications,  is based on sound, rigorous scientific research.

Siobhan now runs online programs and has a free private Facebook group. She is a speaker and a contributor to media, and passionate about empowering patients through knowledge, and supporting them through their life and health transformation.

Kickstart your Type 2 Diabetes Reversal now.

 Find out more at or join her private Facebook group is

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