Skin feels like an elephant ?

Article by
Catherine O'Keeffe.

As the hormones are in upheaval and our body under pressure, dry skin can become a real problem at perimenopause.

Itchy, dry skin is very common in midlife - as oestrogen levels fall the ability of our skin to retain moisture is also reduced, this makes it thinner and more easily irritated. We are also less able to control our histamine production so our skin is more susceptible to itching and rashes - stress can also make this worse.

I know some women who have used certain skin care products for years and then all of a sudden the products start to irritate their skin.

The best step is to increase your water intake and that means LOTS of water, nettle tea can also help and again get oestrogen mimicking foods into your diet. I would also look at your cosmetics and toiletries and check the ingredients....I'm currently sampling different deodorants and perfumes in an attempt to get away from those with more ingredients I don't want on my skin. Extra virgin coconut oil is also a fantastic moisturizer for any part of the body.

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