My Second Spring Events - Jill Kerby talks about our finances at midlife.

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Jill Kerby, the well-known personal finance journalist and financial adviser has offered to gave a talk to us Second Springers. If you’ve read Jill's columns or heard her on the radio you’ll know that she’s a straight talking Canadian who is full of great wisdom and advice. Do you have a retirement plan? Is it too late to start a pension? How to avoid costly financial errors...

Jill Kerby

Jill Kerby

One of Ireland's best known personal finance journalists

Jill Kerby is one of Ireland’s best-known personal finance journalists. She has for many years written for The Sunday Times and before that The Irish Times. She is a regular radio and television contributor about financial issues and provides personal finance seminars for a wide variety of corporate and public audiences. She is co-author of the best-selling ‘TAB Guide on Money Pensions and Tax’ and the ‘TAB Guide to Property’.

The Agenda for our talk - Friday 23rd May 2014

Jill discussed how to achieve Financial Independence by your Retirement: the importance of not making any more financial mistakes (by our 50s we are starting to run out of time to correct them) - like spending more than we earn, ‘heart attack’ investing, continuing to support adult children, not doing proper succession planning and finally, having no plan for long term retirement/care.
How to Build an Ark – Jill discussed ways to explore how families, friends and communities can do more collectively to protect each other financially. Particularly important if this recovery isn’t as robust as the politicians canvassing for our votes want it to be. 

There were some scary moments for example when Jill mentioned that most pensions are not worth what you thought they' be worth when they were first taken out. She advised everyone to check on the value of their pension TODAY! Jill is also convinced that none of us will get State pensions - she reckons they'll have been abolished by then - too costly! 

Since the talk I've halved my monthly health insurance payment and started to use a broker as per Jill's advice. I also keep my gas and electricity costs in check by changing provider every year or so. It's very straightforward - the companies make it as easy as possible for you to jump ship and avail of better deals.


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