More Joy For You This Spring?

Aisling Grimley.

Hurray, today is the first day of Spring – the days are getting longer and there’s so much new growth out there in the parks, fields and trees. So how about some new growth in here, for us?

More Joy!

This February, see if you can put small measures in place for yourself to spark joy and growth. Nothing scary, nothing worthy - something delightful that brings joy to you. It could be an art class, a daily/weekly walk where you monitor the spring bulb growth, a cinema outing, more time with friends that jizz you up, daily doses of Vitamin C to boost your immunity and your skin. Or what about a dance class?

Where are you today?

We are at a stage in life where we can reappraise who we are, sort out our priorities and make sure that the second half of life is properly fabulous and enjoyable. Take a few minutes to open a file in your head and have a think about where life has led you. Your home life, your family, your lifestyle, your work, your joys, your sorrows. Are you living in a comfortable, sustainable way or do you need to consider making some changes?

Menopause - are you reading the signs?

A big welcome to all our new Second Springers. I’m thrilled to tell you that every day between 5,000 - 6,000 people around the world read the pages of My Second Spring. The message I hear is loud and clear - many women think they’re going crazy. But they’re not! Very often, difficult symptoms at menopause are signposts to say your lifestyle needs to change. Listen to your body and take action in small steps.

On the blog lately: 

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There is great activity on many information sections of My Second Spring as women from all over the world share their experiences, good and bad. In particular women are commenting and chatting on the topics of perimenopauseanxiety, fatigue and irregular periods. Have a look.

With love from you to you!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’ll be seeing ads and cards in every shop. I’m thinking we should use them as prompts to remember that this Valentine’s Day is about self-love and putting ourselves first.

Keep in touch and let me know what’s buzzing you

At the moment I’m getting a huge buzz from the natural world. Since we got our puppy I’m out and about in nature a lot more and it’s making me want to avoid plastics and buy less stuff. I’m reading an inspirational book called Not Buying It, by Judith Levine. It’s about just making do with the bare necessities for a year. I’ll let you know how that goes!
Please let me know how you get on with your February mission and tell me what brings you joy.

Best wishes

Aisling xx


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