Menopause and Technology…Mind the App!

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Aisling Grimley.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been leaving a lot of the ‘technology’ in our house to others. I’ll ask my daughters to set up a Skype account, open a new document or choose a good phone package. I’m bamboozled by all the talk of hash tags and apps. I’m not quite sure why exactly some people find Twitter so powerful and I’m frankly overwhelmed by the fact that any website I look at seems to be linked to Facebook. Some of the social media sites I want to join like Google+ want access to my full address book and contacts – is this a good idea? I don’t know.

Time to explore the

Time to explore the "technology"

Time to Embrace Technology?

But this must change if I am to be a woman doing business in 2013, or so they tell me. It is just not interesting, smart or good enough to hold your hands up and say “I haven’t a clue.” This is a frightening thought, to say the least. Until lately, I’ve had all the skills I needed: typing, emailing and texting. But it’s the other stuff, the social media, that’s alien and scary. It’s like a different country – the language is foreign and so is the geography. My brief fling with Facebook last year made me run a mile from the full-strength public persona I needed in order to be online.

Until recently, I was one of the last diehard users of an old fashioned Nokia phone, and I swore by it. None of your fancy phones for me! But my old friend, the Nokia, has finally given up the ghost. This was my prompt to move on.

Moving On

The obvious next step was to get a smartphone…oh scare!

Yes, it took all of the first month to get used to it.  Arrgh! I can’t cancel a message after I hit the send button, and my fingers keep hitting delete instead of ‘M’.  But I can take nice photos and the Notes function is very useful. 

Slowly, the iPhone is saving me time. I’ve started to enjoy the fact that I can listen to music on the go, access my bank account on the Ulster Bank App, check email without getting embroiled in a long session at the computer and respond to things right away. Me and my iphone are beginning to get on okay. 

Social Media

The next step is social media. Opening accounts is easy; what to do with them is next. I now have a fledgling Twitter account, and I know about Pinterest. I’m even listening to music on Spotify as I type, moving on to R&B after a nice hour of Jazz. I am storing any intersting articles or important emails on Evernote, a brilliant and easy-to-use programme that’s free to download. I highly recommend it, especially if you are worried that menopause is making you forgetful. 

I’m surprised and delighted to realise that you can catch up very quickly in this brave, new, digital world. There are countless experts out there on Google to answer any and every question.  And no eyes raised to heaven. I find videos, usually on You Tube, are often a quick route to practical learning.

Six weeks later with my basic knowledge, I am explaining Twitter, Spotify and Pinterest to others. Like very many things in life, the fear of the unknown is much worse than pulling back the curtains. 

Jump In - The Water's Fine

So, if you feel you are lagging, and it’s making your stomach clench, why not have a go today? I urge you to just jump in. Try Spotify or Evernote and surprise yourself and others. For those of you who are ahead of the game, please keep me up to date on what’s coming next!

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