Loving, living, owning midlife - the experts weigh in

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Anna Mooney.

A new Irish book hits shelves this month, a how-to manual on making the most of the middle years. With sound nutritional strategies for navigating menopause's trickier phases, and lots of fun stuff on fashion, beauty and sex, The Middle Years is a great start to the second half....

An elegant new tome on midlife

International Women’s Day 2016, and where better to spend it than in the company of Springer-in-Chief Aisling Grimley at a very swish book launch event?

The “Festa Della Donna” (International Women's Day) saw around 70 mid-life women get together at Dunne and Crescenzi to welcome an elegant new book on midlife: The Middle Years: Love Them, Live Them, Own Them and hear some of the highlights from co-authors nutritionist Paula Mee and writer Kate O’Brien.

Second Springers will already be familiar with Paula Mee, one of our first Meet The Expert speakers (read her advice here) and several of the other experts who feature in the book, including the vivacious sexologist (and ardent Second Springer) Emily Power Smith (recall her great sex tips here).

Fun stuff

The beauty of this book is that it largely bypasses the dry medical-ese that can cloud the menopause section of the bookstore. Instead it focuses largely on the fun stuff we can all do to make the menopause transition a bit easier, happier and more successful.

Here’s some of our best takeaways from the evening and the book so far:

On new nutritional needs

Paula Mee, nutritionist and co-author: Changing nutritional needs at midlife:

"Our need for energy or calories reduces as we age… If we are less active than we used to be, our calorific needs plummet, in some cases by as much as a further 200 kcal a day. So post menopause, our daily requirement may drop by as much as 400kcal."

We need: less iron less folic acid, fewer calories; more protein, Vitamin D; more nutrient dense food packed with vitamins and minerals.

Paula’s top "menofoods" include: eggs, seeds (chia and pumpkin), quinoa, legumes, Greek yoghurt, kefir and nuts.


On botox and confidence boosts

Dr Rosemary Coleman: On ageing skin and botox

“In my years of professional experience, a question I have yet to answer successfully is: at what age we allow women to go from being vain to being marvellous?

While no one actually needs Botox, filler or most of the other cosmetic treatments available today (unless used as treatments for specific medical conditions) most of us can benefit significantly from their careful application. These cosmetic treatments can help relax the face, open the eyes, lift the brows and freshen the complexion, helping people look and feel better and more confident in themselves.

A consultant psychiatrist once said to me “The effect on morale and confidence that you can achieve in an hour could take me three years of psychotherapy’."


On graceful approaches

Mari Kennedy, Transformational Coach: How to transition menopause with grace

“As with all change in our lives, we can choose to regard menopause as an invitation or a threat. Inherently it is both: it’s a threat to our old youthful way of being in the world and an invitation to live from a deeper, wiser, more empowered place. Both can be dynamic, but in different ways.

As humans, we tend to respond to this inevitable time of change in one of the following ways:

  1. We push through in overdrive, resisting and denying the changes happening within our bodies and minds.
  2. We give in and resign reluctantly, putting everything down to the change and getting older.
  3. We transform mindfully and elegantly, with wisdom, passion and resilience, embracing the invitation to live more deeply and wholeheartedly.


To buy or gift  a copy of The Middle Years (Gill) visit www.Gillbooks.ie


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