Irish aromatherapist launches pure skincare for 45+

Anna Mooney.

​Second Springer Fiona Hedigan, clinical aromatherapist and former brand consultant, has harvested the purest of sustainably sourced oils for her new skincare range which debuted in Ireland last month....

If you're over 45, you'll have noticed changes in your skin. More sensitive, maybe a little drier? Chances are you've also experienced a touch of menopause-induced anxiety? Then two products from Fiona Hedigan's new range are likely to earn a place in your handbag.


 Purity, simplicity, ethical production

Flora + Fiona Beautiful Botanicals aims to nurture the over 45-age group, in a market that Fiona sees as confused and underserved by the current multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry.

“Women over 45 have specific skincare needs and they are thoughtful, aware consumers who care about the origin and authenticity of their beauty products. So they seek out products and brands that offer purity, simplicity, effectiveness and ethical production.” says Fiona, who has been researching and blending plant oil combinations for over twenty years, and has a large private client bank for whom she creates bespoke blends to address specific needs, whether it is to relieve stress or aid sleep or boost energy or support the immune system.

Micro batch success

This passion and experience culminated in a Christmas 2016 pilot launch, with a micro batch production of her best-loved private-client product which met with immediate success though her online store.

Flora+Fiona Beautiful Botanical Facial Oil combines the exquisite aromas of jasmine and vetiver with pure plant oils rich in nutrients, omegas and anti-oxidants in a formula, which work on two levels – to nourish and hydrate the skin, promoting radiance, while capturing the mood-boosting properties of the oils.  

The Facial Oil comes in a 30ml bottle ( €65) or a convenient, travel size rollerball bottle (€25) , available from

Your In-flight ally!

Flora+Fiona Carry-on Travel Oil (Rollerball) blends oils that have been known historically for their anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Ravintsara, Sweet Marjoram and Niaouli are holistically balanced by zesty Lemon, sweet Red Orange and clear Scots Pine. This beautiful formula, eight years in development and captured in a handy roller ball applicator bottle, is ideal for use in-flight, providing a powerful and natural support for travellers.

The Carry-on Travel Oil comes in a convenient rollerball 10ml bottle (€25), available

Fiona’s philosophy

Created for the 45+-year-old woman, The FLORA+FIONA oils are much more than skincare.  Fiona searched for many years to find the purest of plant oils, lovingly tended and harvested by farmers and distillers, who share her love of nature and the gift of these precious oils.

These oil blends are carefully chosen botanicals that reflect Fiona’s philosophy: products that work should make you feel good too, harnessing the power of the olfactory system with its direct link to the storehouse of memory and emotions in the brain. “The oils I have chosen have a vitality and energy linking the senses to the body. Their unique scent has the power to transform and embraces another dimension that is joyful, comforting, and reassuring. I encourage clients to take a moment to experience these beautiful botanicals.”

Read more on Fiona's Take a Moment blog

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