HRT: The good, the bad and the latest

Anna Mooney.

For anyone who has been weighing up the pros and cons of HRT, Ailin Quinlin has done the heavy lifting for you. In her article in Saturday's Irish Examiner she interviews a range of expert opinion on the risks, the benefits, why the medical profession are relaxing their prescription practices, and what the recent NICE guidelines in the UK mean for women who are considering HRT.

IT STARTED three or four years ago.

I’d forget where I’d put things. I began to wake up in the early hours in sheets soaking-wet and freezing from a series of truly horrendous night sweats.

There was irritability, anxiety, low mood and, over one memorable 18-month-period, I suffered extreme blood loss which resulted in two operations.

I had, though, discounted the possibility of taking HRT because, like many women, I’d heard about the increased risk of cancer and heart disease.

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