Has anyone tried Bambu as a coffee alternative?

Aisling Grimley.

I'm not sure that I'm ready to give up my daily coffee despite all the dire warnings but this drink sounds tasty. Please let me know if you've found any fabulous and satisfying alternatives.

Cutting down on caffeine is recommended at perimenopause

I just received this information from A Vogel about their drink Bambu and thought I'd share it with those of you who are trying to cut back on caffeine as suggested by any menopause information I read. Caffeine is not helpful in maintaining balanced sugar levels and certainly won't help if you're suffering from perimenopausal symptoms like anxiety or insomnia. I like the sound of the suggested Chilli Chocolate in the recipes at the end.

From A. Vogel:

Sometimes you just need a few minutes to yourself to relax with a soothing beverage, which can help calm your nerves and restore your inner balance. A.Vogel Bambu® is a caffeine free, light drink with a beautiful colour and a good soft coffee-like taste. Made only from natural ingredients, Bambu contains organic chicory, Turkish figs, malted barley, wheat and Greek acorns. Enjoy Bambu in the same way as any other instant coffee drink. Just pour hot water or milk over 1 to 2 teaspoons of Bambu® any time you feel like one – day or night. Bambu is:

·         Caffeine free

·         Made from 100% natural, organically grown ingredients

·         Vegan

·         Instant drink

·         Can be used hot or cold

·         Bambu® 100g RSP €6.40 / 200g RSP €9.95

·         Bambu® is available from health food stores nationwide

Recipes suggestion:

HOT  – Bambuccino

Recipe for a large cup (approx. 250 ml)


·          150ml milk or milk substitute

·          1 tsp Bambu® Instant

·          ½ tsp cocoa powder

·          ½ tsp cane sugar

·          A drop of hot water

·          You will need a milk frother or whisk


1. Heat the milk to approx. 60 degrees and froth until the milk froth is semi-liquid to creamy

2. Dissolve Bambu®, cocoa and sugar in hot water in your favourite cup

3. Add the frothed milk in one sweep

Our tip: “Hot chilli chocolate”

Mix Bambu® with a tablespoon of cocoa powder and add a little chilli for a delicious and stimulating hot chocolate.

COLD – Bambu® banana smoothie

Recipe for two glasses


·          Two ripe bananas

·          400 ml cold milk or milk substitute

·          2 tsp Bambu® Instant

·          A little sugar cane (to taste)

·          You will need a blender or a mixer


1. Cut bananas into large pieces and blend with the other ingredients to create a smooth drink

2. Pour into glasses and serve immediately.

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