What Makes A Happy Person?

Article by
Aisling Grimley.

What is the secret to being a happy person? Theories abound. Below you will find some of the key findings of Leo Bormans who wrote "The World Book of Happiness". This book is the result of two years of research involving one hundred specialists from fifty countries. Also, and interestingly, I heard recently that you need to be unhappy for 30% of the time in order to be a truly happy person - a reassuring thought to bear in mind in the dark times or when others around us are feeling blue. I hope some of these ideas will sustain you if you are finding some of the symptoms of menopause challenging.

Happy people live for the now!

Happy people live for the now!

Accept what you have: Happy people have modest levels of expectation; they want what they can get.

Enjoy what you do: Happy people do what they enjoy and enjoy what they do, and don’t do it for the glory and the money.

Live for today: Happy people live for the now - they don’t dwell on the past or on things that went wrong.

Relationships: We get our happiness from other people, and from supporting others. As others can make us happy, we are all ‘other people’.

Stop worrying: Happy people don’t worry; they recognise that 90% of worries never come true.

Think positive thoughts: Happy people get things off their chest. Bottling up emotions and bad feelings creates psychological distress and physical discomfort.

Do you have any secrets to happiness to share with the rest of us?


Photo by Iseult O'Brien

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