Talking menopause and skin at The Hayfield Manor, Cork

Aisling Grimley.

The road show whizzed on to Cork and the luxurious Hayfield Manor. In this post I'm going to share some of my new learnings about skin at menopause and how to look after it.

How the Vichy/My Second Spring Show works

As you may have read I'm taking part in a roadshow to launch Neovadiol Compensating Complex which is formulated for women's skin at menopause. Vichy have on-going training sessions with their (mainly female) Dermo Advisors (helping people choose suitable skincare products in pharmacies) around the country. So far we have been in Belfast, Dublin and now Cork.

Our travelling party includes Rachel Simmonds, Vichy Training, UK; Laura Murphy, Vichy Training, Dublin, photographer Stephen Wall Morris, and our soundman Shane who mikes us up for the events. 

The format for the events

At each event guests are welcomed with prosecco and delicious canapes (we get to have some too) and have an opportunity to explore some discovery tables where they can learn about good nutrition at menopause and read quotes from women on their menopause journey. 

Then formal proceedings begin .... I make a presentation on menopause for 35 minutes with slides. The Dermo Advisors have been asked to bring a guest along, often their mothers, so we have a wide age range in the audience. As this is probably the first time most women have attended a talk on menopause I start at the beginning with Information: What? Why? menopause, common symptoms and treatments and then move on to Inspiration at menopause explaining the rationale for My Second Spring and we look at some role models and discuss how attitudes to "The Change' are changing. It's a brilliant initiative by Vichy to open a wider discussion about menopause with women of all ages throughout the country.

Laura Murphy's Presentation

Laura then presents on the structure of skin and the actions of Neovadiol. What I've learned from listening to Laura:

Neovadiol Compensating Complex

Neovadiol does exactly what it says on the jar - it compensates by mimicing the action of DHEA (a hormone that depletes as we age) on the skin. I've been using the Serum each morning after cleansing followed by the moisturiser. In the evening I use the serum once again before applying the night cream.

Here's some technical background to Neovadiol.

About Vichy Neovadiol Compensating Complex:  

Vichy Laboratories have been at the forefront of menopausal skincare research for over seventeen years since the introduction of the pioneering NEOVADIOL range; the first skincare collection ever developed to counteract the impact of menopause on cutaneous ageing, replenishing and restoring lost lipids to provide immediate comfort to skin.

Through extensive research Vichy has discovered the impact of hormonal ageing and created the first product designed to counteract it.  Following intensive clinical research, Vichy has been able to identify and analyse the impact of youth hormones on skin, proving for the first time that the ageing process in menopausal skin is accelerated by a decrease in hormones which affect the epidermis, dermis and sebaceous function.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), is the most abundant steroid hormone in the skin.  Around the age of 7 years, DHEA starts to be produced in the adrenal gland; at the age of 25, its production peaks; around the age of 70, only 10% of its maximum concentration remains. Its level drastically falls with age and decreases faster during menopause. 

The results include an increase in hydration, thickness of skin and a decrease in pigmentation and ‘papery’ appearance.  New Vichy Neovadiol ‘Compensating Complex’ Concentrate and Care contains a patented combination of actives ingredients which can mimic DHEA impact on the skin.

Pro-xylane™ is the leading anti-age agent in the NEOVADIOL range. It stimulates the synthesis of molecules in the dermis and epidermis and therefore acts on improved density and reduces wrinkles. It also modulates cutaneous pigmentation.
Hepes, with its desquamating action smoothes the surface of skin whilst acting on cutaneous dryness.
Hedione delivers an immediate plumping action by increasing the production of lipids characteristic of sebum.
Hydrovance* acts on desquamation whilst improving the water retention capacity of skin.

Vichy is introducing three unique new formulas to improve skin’s density, volume, definition and radiance:


A unique texture that is a hybrid of a cream and a gel named: Glycoserum, specifically designed for mature skin. The light consistency is immediately absorbed, leaving skin feeling refreshed and hydrated, not sticky or greasy. Aquakeep technology allows the texture to turn into water on application and deliver a high dose of freshness, whilst a urea derivative ensures day long moisture and comfort. Subtle golden micro-pearls invisible to the naked eye gently illuminate skin, leaving it looking radiant.


A unique ‘cushion’ effect texture enables this silky and deeply hydrating cream to glide onto the skin, leaving a sensation of intense freshness and comfort. The technology named Fresh & Plump Nectar Cream is an oil in water cream gel formula with a significant aqueous phase and a maximum concentration of glycols for total freshness on application. Skin is left feeling soft, silky and moisturised, whilst fine white micro-pearls make the complexion more radiant.


This soft and fine, yet intensely nourishing cream replenishes the missing lipids menopausal skin is lacking, to offset dryness and discomfort. The pioneering formulation allows the cream to feel intensely rich whilst remaining light – never greasy or sticky – a genuine feat for a cream created for very dry skin. A high dose of glycerine plus a combination of fatty acids derived from rice bran oil, apricot oil, beeswax and shea butter offset the dryness characteristic of menopausal skin. From the first application, skin is left feeling ultra-soft, comfortable and shine-free.

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