Can Menopause make you fitter?

Anna Mooney.

Arlene Harris in today's Irish Times brings the good news - Research shows the menopausal years are the perfect time for physical exercise. She talks to My Second Spring's Aisling Grimley about moving, motivation and mood.

Every woman has experienced the lethargy, stomach cramps and feelings of irritation which regularly make an appearance during the menstrual cycle. But as if that wasn’t enough, once our fertile years are over, the tell-tale symptoms of menopause begin.

For many women this period of life brings more unpleasant feelings, such as mood swings, sleep disturbance and the dreaded hot flushes. Not surprisingly, none of these are conducive to an energetic desire to work out, but according to new research from Denmark, the menopausal years are the perfect time for women to not only continue with ongoing exercise regimes but to renew with a vigour or even start for the first time.

The study, published in the Journal of Physiology, suggests the reduction in oestrogen during menopause may improve the take-up of oxygen in the muscles.

Early action

Aisling Grimley, who lives in Dublin with her four daughters, can relate to this as she started experiencing menopausal symptoms in her late 40s.....

Read the full story from Arlene Harriss online at The Irish Times 


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