BBC Menopause poll: the numbers speak

Anna Mooney.

BBC's Woman's Hour programme commissioned some research into menopause for their current Menopause series...

The BBC survey asked 1,009 women aged 50 to 60 how their experience of the menopause had affected their work and relationships and what their symptoms and treatment were. The results were pretty grim, and suggest that despite menopause making TV and newspaper headlines for the last few years, in the real world of work, it's still taboo.

The poll, by Comres for BBC Radio Sheffield and Radio 4's Woman's Hour, found 70% of women did not make their employer aware they were experiencing symptoms, while nearly a surprising third said they had not visited their GP.

Nearly half of respondents said the menopause had affected their mental health, while a quarter said it made them want to stay at home.

Visit the BBC Woman's Hour website for short playbacks of the series or download the daily podcast via iTunes for more.

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