Audrey Redmond got us all motivated to Move It!

Aisling Grimley.

We bounced out of the Merrion Hotel on Sunday afternoon full of new motivation, inspired by Audrey Redmond of Physiofusion in the latest of our series of Meet The Experts with My Second Spring.

Noeleen Morris, Audrey Redmond, Aisling Grimley

Noeleen Morris, Audrey Redmond, Aisling Grimley

Habit, Motivation and Perception - some of the key elements to effective exercise at midlife.

Audrey Redmond, Chartered Physiotherapist of Physiofusion gave a very thorough and professional account of how and why we should exercise effectively at 45 plus. This is something we need to think about for ourselves and our own particular needs, no one size fits all so we need to be honest with ourselves and make a realistic plan. Audrey stressed the importance of stretching, motivation and perception. She discussed joint protection, pelvic floor strength and the need for cardiovascular exercise. These concepts were illustrated with lots of anecdotes and inspirational stories. We looked at the topic of balance by trying to balance on one foot and then the other - try that with your eyes closed too! 

Audrey guided us through setting objectives for ourselves. Looking at ourselves, our body shape and habits over the past 5 years are we on the right trajectory or does anything need to change? If so what? We identified 3 and 6 month goals for ourselves. How do we move on from our default position on exercise? Each of us has a small piece of paper in our purses with our objectives written on them as a reminder and motivator. We're starting with small incremental changes and making sure to stretch before and after exercise. A few salutory tales were used to remind us of the importance of stretching. Do something you love - play tennis, a team sport, dance, run.... Make it fun!

What could a personal trainer do for you?

Noeleen Morris personal trainer at the Merrion Hotel gym explained the role of the personal trainer as being not just for the rich and famous but for all of us. I can see how fantastic it would be to have someone cheer leading you, especially if you wanted to kick start a programme, recover from injury or if you'd like a motivator and team mate in your quest for fitness. 

Noeleen gave us a demonstration of some simple and effective exercises to do at home with a floor mat and some ankle weights or 2-3kg free weights or dumbbells. She made it all look very easy and smooth.

I think we all left the Merrion on Sunday with a new pep in our steps and a fresh perspective and how and why we need to keep moving to stay fit and healthy.

Many thanks to our very generous sponsors: Physiofusion, The Merrion Hotel.

Raffle Prizes

Everyone who came along received a raffle ticket on arrival. Our two winners Fiona and Niamh were thrilled to win these fantastic prizes:

Goody Bags

Congratulations to our raffle prize winners, but because not everyone can be a winner we made sure that nobody went home empty handed. Our party bags had some proper goodies in them. A mini-facial at the ultra luxurious Buff Day Spa, a hidden gem of a getaway on St King St beside the Gaiety theatre, and a 250ml bottle each of Thermae Spa shampoo and conditioner by ALFAPARF di Milano who make top-quality hair products that are favoured by the professionals who know their stuff. Many thanks to the companies for these generous and much appreciated gifts.

If you missed the talk you might like to listen to Audrey's interview for My Second Spring with Gerry Kelly of LMFM radiio.

What the crowd thought - some feedback from our event Move It!

"Great bunch of women and really good talks from Audrey and Noeleen. Audrey made me want to get up and go for a run in the middle of the talk!" Emma

"Audrey was brilliant! Being a physio myself I agreed with every word she said.  I believe that a physio like her with an holistic approach to body, mind and spirit, can really change people’s health and wellbeing by advising and inspiring." Karita

"Thanks a million for arranging 'Move It' yesterday.  ​What hit me between the eyes was when Audrey said that we would need to change something on the exercise front that is different to what we are currently doing, if we want change to happen.  It sounds so obvious doesn't it?

The other thing that struck me was we need to be honest with ourselves and answer WHY do we want to change anyway?  Preventing further pain in my joints now and as I get older is my main motivating factor.  However, this very pain was holding me back.   When I was younger I loved sports for fun.  So it would be a bonus if it was fun.  As things improve, I probably would love to join a tennis club for the competitive and social fun aspect of a sport rather than see it as a chore." Ann

"Thanks a million for a very interesting afternoon. Feeling motivated now and might even go for a run in the morning! Very generous goody bag too, thanks." Jane

"After yesterday's talks, I realise that I must combine my daily yoga with a significant increase in aerobic activity which will be either walking, cycling daily and park-run weekly.  All great plans in my head, so hopefully mind over matter from now on! " Regan

"Really enjoyed the "Move It" presentation by Audrey. It was inspiring but practical. The nuggets I took away were - Do it at your own pace. There are lots of different ways to Move IT - find one that you enjoy, try something new/different. Balance is key to preventing falls - 30 secs on either leg with your eyes closed could prevent a serious injury! Noeleen did a great job of explaining the benefits of a personal trainer and left us with some practical exercises we can do at home. I left the talk energised and motivated to Move IT!" Ann

"I loved Audrey's opening thought:  that if there was a pill at the pharmacy that would help ward off serious diseases from cancer to osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease to diabetes, give you energy and flexibility, lift your mood (and your butt I guess!) that we'd all be lining round the block to buy it! That pill is exercise - or movement - and it's free.  Both Audrey and Noeleen had plenty of anecdotal examples of clients who became fitter, healthier and happier after taking up exercise well into their 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s. That really got me inspired -  and moving - I went for a 4 mile hike this morning and did some stretching at home last night! They made me realise that exercise is probably the most significant thing you can do for your health after 50.  Thanks to both the Experts and to My Second Spring for organising - really enjoyable event." Annie


A nice detail from Sunday - Fiona won the 3-month membership of The Merrion Gym but as she lives a little outside the city centre and has a personal trainer she felt she wouldn't get maximum value for this great prize. She has very generously passed it onto Ann whom she met during the group work on Sunday. During discussions it emerged that Ann is recovering from several surgeries and Fiona felt that Ann would get more benefit from the gym membership and the session with Noeleen. Ann lives close to the city centre and is delighted with this prize. Now isn't that a brilliant story - a great case of sharing the joy! Many thanks to Fiona for her thoughtfulness.

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