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Catherine O'Keeffe.

That's a hard label to get especially in today's world! In Traditional Chinese Medicine Free & Easy Wanderer refers to someone who is flowing in the 'stream of life' and not going against the current. In perimenopause and at any other time we can often feel we are going upstream against a strong current which leads to intense moods which change like the wind, frustration, irritability, anger, depression and anxiety. All of these emotions and feelings show what is going on in our lives but it is also points to the liver being out of balance.

I see this a lot with women I talk to and more often than not we all forget our livers and the major role they perform in our bodies...especially with Christmas coming up you need to befriend your liver and keep it happy and healthy. The liver and kidneys work closely together when we look at the energy in our bodies and this relationship is at its peak in perimenopause - an imbalance in one affects the other. If the liver is not getting the nourishment it needs this can affect your periods, digestion, immunity, libido, sleep and more importantly your moods and your mind. 

The job of the liver

The liver is a powerhouse - it is a constant hub of activity and performs hundreds of jobs to ensure you are healthy. It helps to store fuel for when you need more energy and helps to balance blood glucose levels. Your liver is like a filter system that helps clean your blood and keep it toxin free. It helps with blood clotting and it stores certain vitamins.
Its key role in perimenopause is the work it does around the clock to synthesize your hormones.

The impact on Perimenopause

Your mojo has are overtaken by tiredness- I hear this one every day with clients. 

Hot flushes, palpitations, dizziness and headaches
Balanced blood sugar levels are so important at this stage but blood sugar imbalance is very common and can fluctuate hugely at this stage. These fluctuations can cause hot flushes, palpitations, dizziness and often headaches.

Itchy skin, joint aches & pains and fuzzy-head
Filtering your blood to keep it clean...this is so important in a time of hormonal upheaval. If you have a lot of toxins in your skin it can cause itchy skin and spots as your body is working hard to try to eliminate the toxins.  An overload of toxins can also result in painful joints and a dull/fuzzy feeling in your head.

Bloating & constipation 
Another role of the liver is helping in the flow of and production of bile - and bile is very important for good gut health. If you have been reading my posts you will know I am a huge fan of gut health and the impact it has on moods and our immune system...this is just another link in the chain. If you are not producing enough bile this can actually cause you to feel bloated and can also cause constipation as your energy is not flowing as it should.

Vitamins & Iron
The liver is also a storehouse for some vitamins - mainly vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin B12, and also iron. And what do these vitamins do for us? summary:
Vitamin A - eyesight, bones, teeth, skin & hair.
Vitamin D -  not just bones but really important for MOOD.
Vitamin K - blood clotting, this is vital in perimenopause if your suffering from heavy periods or flooding.
Vitamin B12 - the best support for your nervous system, it also helps energy levels, memory and concentration.
Iron - immune system, beats tiredness 

Last but not least your hormones! When our hormones have completed their role in the body they are sent to the liver. So your liver needs to be functioning at top speed to ensure the detoxification happens otherwise you end up with more hormones in your body than what should be there. Excess hormones in addition to ever-changing oestrogen levels will contribute to the many physical and emotional symptoms we see in menopause.

So don't forget your liver at all times and especially with Christmas around the corner! Tune in again for tips on how to support your liver.


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