Anyone Share My Hair Issues?

Aisling Grimley.

I'm hearing lots of different hair issues from friends and Second Springers. For me it's fine hair, for others it's curly hair changing to frizzy, more hair on the pillow, changes in texture, a more visible scalp.... Don't worry help is at hand...

Is your hair as thick you’d like it to be?

I hope you are gearing up for a wonderful Easter weekend - some feasting, some fresh air and some rest are on my agenda (as well as lots of chocolate). Before I sign off for the weekend I’d like to talk to you about hair and its changing colour, texture and tone.

I’ve always had fine hair, I may be more aware of its ‘fineness’ because I’m surrounded by 4 daughters with very thick, plentiful hair in fine pony tails.  Recently my hair feels a bit flat and lack lustre and I don’t want to lose what I have so I’m taking a new interest in hair health. This focus is also inspired by speaking to friends and Second Springers who are reporting that they find their hair is falling out – there’s more on the pillow, in the hair brush and in the shower tray. Others tell me they are examining their parting and wondering if it’s getting a bit wider and some are finding that their scalp is more visible on top or at the sides.

I believe some of these changes are reversible or preventable so I’ve organised a hair event for us all on Thursday 7th April at 6.30pm in The Merrion Hotel where top experts will answer our questions.  I hope you’ll come along. It seems that hair growth changes can be related to nutritional deficiencies, family patterns, stress, hormones rebalancing and other factors. I’m eager to know more.

Your questions may be different to mine so please bring them along to our experts. Here are the details:

Hair and Wardrobe Confidence – Meet The Experts 

Consultant Trichologist Carol Johnson who specialises in hair and scalp issues
Top hair stylist Helen Kenny
The Wardrobe Mistress, Maura McDonald.

Date: Thursday 7th April
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Location: The Wellington Room, The Merrion Hotel
Book Now: Eventbrite

A life changing hair cut for you?

One lucky volunteer can have their hair cut on the night by top hair stylist Helen Kenny.

Would you like to participate in Viviscal's Hair Growth Programme?

I’m looking for 5 volunteers to take part in a 6-month free trial of Viviscal’s hair growth supplements. If you are suffering from hair thinning or visible scalp, Viviscal will give you 6 months' supply of Viviscal hair supplement (to take twice daily) as well as a supply of Viviscal shampoo and Viviscal conditioner.

Participants will be treated to regular blow-drys. After 6 months they will take part in a 'grand reveal’ in October 2016 to mark World Menopause Month. If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you, please let me know. -

Please join us on the 7th - it promises to be an informative and enjoyable evening.

Best wishes and Happy Easter


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