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Catherine O'Keeffe.

Recently Aisling and I were talking about the top tips for women in Menopause and inevitably this led is to anxiety and my view is if you can take away one piece of knowledge - it doesn't have to be food, diet etc but it's to Keep Social - stay connected with others face-to-face. I can't impress enough how important this is, there are so many lovely, warm women I have had the pleasure to work with whose social circle has shrunk - shrunk to such a small size that social outings/gatherings become a feared event. The more you shrink back from social interaction the harder it becomes to break through that barrier as time goes on....time does not make this easier.

Menopause - you need friends and a wide circle of support

Menopause - you need friends and a wide circle of support

Don't read this post lightly this is FOOD for your soul, Food for your heart - it's Essential. 

You are not alone, we are all in this together. Social Anxiety can be very real at this time in your life, getting ahead of it and keeping a wide circle and network of friends is essential. The journey of Perimenopause is not simple, it has its ups and downs but having friends who make you feel supported, who make you laugh, who have your back make this journey all that bit easier.

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