Edward I, Special Taxes & My Superhero…..Liquorice

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Catherine O'Keeffe.

We always hear about high blood pressure and the associated issues, less talked about is low blood pressure. I suffer from low blood pressure and have done so for as long as I can remember, it mostly manifests itself in dizzy spells. I know now from experience that when my blood pressure is low I am more likely to get a cold and so I keep on top of it ...over the Christmas period and after I certainly let my guard down in this respect and now I have a cold I am struggling to shift...I know most of the country has too or at least everyone I talk to ! Enter with fanfare my superhero Liquorice root. I used to crave liquorice sweets when I was pregnant but back then I certainly didn't link it to low blood pressure or menopause symptoms!! ​What to say about licorice...it's a powerhouse, it's a superhero, its utterly mighty in my books. It is one of the most potent antiviral herbs out there...

Liquorice root can help with menopause symptoms

Liquorice root can help with menopause symptoms

It has been famed for centuries and during the 13th century, the reign of Edward I a special tax was applied to this superherb due to the high demand for it..it was then mostly used for gout! It is now well known as supporting the body's immune system and being of great benefit for chronic stress due to adrenal weakness. In menopause the adrenal glands can be under more pressure as they are responsible for hormones that affect digestion, inflammation, balancing hormones and stress...this is where liquorice comes to our aid, it is a great tonic when your energy feels low and sapped. It sparks the adrenals back into life and helps restore that zest you may feel you are missing.

In the 1970s researchers discovered that it can function as a phytoestrogen which is very helpful for women in perimenopause and for this reason it can help reduce hot flushes and the duration of a hot flush.

Liquorice also has soothing properties which work very well as an anti-inflammatory for a sore throat, cough or catarrh - it helps to loosen and expel mucous that the cough is trying to get rid of. As a soothing aid, it needs to make direct contact with the part of the body that needs to be soothed therefore extracts of liquorice in cough syrups, herbal tinctures or tea are the most effective.

The benefits of this herb are never-ending and it is also well known as a natural remedy for nausea, indigestion, heartburn and joint pain. For perimenopause and today's world, the key benefits are the impact on the adrenals and for anyone who has low blood pressure it works a treat !

So how to incorporate into your bag of tricks:

Liquorice Tea, there are plenty of good brands to pick from, just make sure you let the tea bags steep for a good 5 minutes. I actually leave my teabag in until I have finished the cup of tea. If you can do this first thing in the morning it's a super start to the day.
When you feel very full after a meal or bloated reach again for the liquorice tea.
Liquorice root in the photo above can be used as a toothbrush! This I am going to investigate so I will report back further grin
Check out a liquorice supplement - please note if you have hypertension it should be avoided as it raises blood pressure - I take it because my blood pressure can be low at times.

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