Are you starting to rattle around your house? Do you have an ‘Empty Nest’ coming on?

Aisling Grimley.

This could be a chance for you to get some help and advice from experts and be featured in a programme for RTE. Please email me if you'd be interested in taking part.

Anyone out there thinking of moving house because of the 'empty nest' or other changed circumstances at midlife? If so this could be an opportunity for you.

RTE is featuring a programme on this topic next year, talking to families looking for to make that move. Kerry Reid from Stelify is making the programme and has been in touch with me with the following proposal. See if it's for you or anyone you know. Email me if you're interested.

Here's what Kerry is saying: "We are producing a property programme for RTE about ‘empty nest’ families who are considering moving, or ‘downsizing’ because the children have grown up and flown the nest.

We are currently looking for a family who would be happy to share their story with us, and who we can help in one way or another – Quite often this is a tricky decision and I’m aware that it’s not always easy to find a new property which ticks all the boxes.

As I mentioned, we are open minded to people’s reasons for moving – perhaps it is to be closer to children and/or grandchildren, maybe to be closer to town, or perhaps to ‘downsize’ and find a place which is easier to run and maintain.

The filming is due to take place over 3 days at the beginning of January, and so we are keen to speak to those who are interested in participating as soon as possible. Couples or single parents are eligible and we are keen to include the whole family within the programme.
(for your own information, an ideal scenario is a couple or single parent with 3 (or more) children).

Taking part in the programme is an opportunity for the family to show their home on TV and document the memories that it holds for them. Each member of the family will be asked to participate in the filming, and in a fun twist it will be each of the children who are asked to define the criteria for a new home for their parent/s. They may have differing opinions, but this allows the parent/s to explore all options – perhaps some of which they may not have explored before.

Taking the briefs from each of the children, our team will find 3 suitable properties for the parent/s to view (eg. One with each child).

We will then help the parent/s with weighing up the options and making a decision about whether or not to move, and if so, which property would suit them best.

(All of the above will be filmed for inclusion within the programme.)

As I mentioned above, for those interested in participating, it is an opportunity to explore the idea of a move, market their property on TV and view properties which could end up being their new home!"

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