7 steps to a Wardrobe that works

Anna Mooney.

Eve Rowan of Dublin decluttering company The Great Indoors gives the most congested wardrobes a rigorous dressing down with her Wardrobe Workout – and a total make-over. Here, she shares 7 steps to making your wardrobe work for you.

Towards a brighter wardrobe


1. Get rid of all hand-me-downs. Whoever gave them to you couldn't fully let go of them - but you should. There may be 1-2 exceptions to this.  Rule of thumb: if you feel compromised by an item, get rid of it.


2. Are certain items over-represented in your wardrobe? Evening dresses? Skinny jeans? Hoodies? Ditch the most worn and least flattering examples in your collection.           


3. Write down ten pieces of clothing that you would like to put on (including accessories). Ideally, make the list when you are out of the house. This makes you more deliberate when you go to declutter or get dressed.

Ditch and Discard

4. Do you regularly wear clothes that you wouldn't leave the house in? Do you spend a lot of time in these clothes? Seriously consider ditching these threads and wearing other clothes. An apron will usually protect nicer pieces.

5. When you have a bag of discards, get them to the charity shop/pink bin without delay. Don’t be tempted to pull something out or give them to people you know (see point 1 above.)

6. Phase out wire hangers. If you are buying something new, the shop might let you take the hangar. Spare wire hangars can often be handed in to a dry cleaners.

7. NOTHING is as satisfying as putting a pair of uncomfortable shoes in the pink bin.

For more information on Eve's range of wardrobe and home decluttering services, visit her at Great Indoors.

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