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As Cameron Diaz and other prominent women talk about menopause, it is no longer the silent shame that women were forced to go through, with
Anxiety can peak in perimenopause, the path to dissolving its power over you is to understand your anxiety and your triggers.
Fear of pain means many midlife women say NO to sex. (Photo by Gemma Evans @ Unsplash)
Fennel has been shown to improve menopause symptoms. Photo by Anurag Arora on Unsplash
No more worries about vaginal oestrogen's safety is good news for women suffering from vaginal dryness at menopause
As little as one to two minutes of high intensity running a day is great for bone health
(Photo by Bruno Nascimento/Unsplash)
The new report urges more workplace support for women coping alone through the menopause
Ruby Wax: frank and funny self help for the Frazzled
Moving through menopause: Aisling Grimley stresses the benefits of exercise
Homemade falafel with beetroot hummus
Flora+Fiona's made in Ireland facial and travel oils, created to nurture and nourish 45+ skin
Lorraine Keane fronts campaign for new menopause supplement CleanMarine MenoMIn