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I’m Aisling, at My Second Spring we know that menopause isn't all fun and games, we're here to guide and support you. Some women's difficulties at menopause arise from the fact that it's a subject that often brushed under the carpet. By bringing the menopause conversation into the light we help women to prepare for menopause and get support for troublesome symptoms as they arise. Please join us!

About My Second Spring

Helping you to make informed decisions about your health at midlife and beyond.

My Second Spring provides a range of information and different approaches to allow women to discover how they feel about menopause. This will help you decide how we would like to navigate the change. We feature contributions from a wide variety of therapists who can help you deal with challenging symptoms using a variety of techniques and philosophies. The idea is to share information on health issues and look at the different parts of your life that are changing at menopause. The overall aim of My Second Spring is to help you to feel your best, deal with unresolved issues and look fantastic!

In China the menopause is known as the Second Spring and it is regarded as a time when women often find a new and more confident voice. Women at midlife are valued for their wisdom and respected for their life experience.  Menopause is considered to be a new and surefooted beginning. That sounds good to me! I think the menopause can be an opportunity for all of us. With the intensity of the childbearing years behind us, it's time to put ourselves first or at least a bit higher on the list. My hope is that you and I will have some fun as we navigate this transition together.

Here’s how we’ll do it - the website is organised into 8 main sections:

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My Second Spring will let you know what to expect and how best to manage and thrive at this exciting but sometimes daunting time of life. We will share top tips, tricks and tools that have helped other women to live with menopause symptoms that can be very challenging at times.  I am on this journey too and like many others, I’m not quite sure which stop I’m at. I hope that you will join me on the trip by commenting on blog posts. If we all share our experiences, then we’ll provide new perspectives for everyone. 

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